I help women shamelessly embrace the power of their sensuality as an integral piece to conjuring more confidence, better sex and life long love.

Our connection to our sensuality empowers us to:

  • feel irresistible in the bodies that we live in right now

  • to have genuinely better sex (no more faking your way through) 

  • to experience healthier + more fulfilling intimate relationships

  • finally it creates a "home base" for us to fill up our own (as I like to call it) "emotional gas tank" when life, work, business, family and stress tend to push us towards running on fumes/empty. 

Our sensuality is really our life line and connection to our sexiest and most joyful self. 

When I talk about sexy, it's about more than your physical appearance. Your sexy is the light,vibrancy and magnetic energy that you bring into a room or a space. Your sexy is your power. Your sexy is your joy. Your sexy is the way you decide to move through life. Your sexy is your Untamed Essence. Your sexy is your manifestation of divinity.  

You're either living in your sexy or you're numb. 

Walking through life numbed out from the stress, the dissapointment, the self-consciousness, the past pain, the heartbreak, the confusion IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

When we reconnect to the feminine power of our sensuality we reawaken the desire to live an Untamed life. 

When you awaken the Untamed Woman within you will: 

Find the spark in your marriage again.

Attract love that makes you forget the pain. 

Open that Bakery.

Write that book.

Stand up for yourself.

Stop hiding that brilliant idea. 

Apply for that new position.

Travel for that adventure. 

Wear that hot red dress.

Take time for you. Guilt Free.

You. Will. Live. 

Becoming a Woman Untamed is about reawkening your desire to live again, to stop waiting for the perfect opportunity to be happy and finally recognize that your joy has been waiting for you all along. 

Welcome to The Woman Untamed Community.





Available in Chicago, Various Cities + Online 

The Sensually Alive Woman private lessons are designed to help you step back into your sexiest + most joyful version of yourself. Life can knock you down from time to time but it's up to you to choose to rise from the ashes of the storm and forge forward. The session creates a safe space for you to release the built up stress, reconnect to your playful + energetic side and re-imagine your story through a luxury boudoir film experience. You'll get personalized sensual dance coaching, learn a  routine built just for you, indulge in decadent self-care and see yourself through a new lens. The Drop Your Inihibitions 90 minute sessions are available in Chicago, Various cities on tour (please sign up for the info list to be notified) and online. 

  • $499 The Refresh Package - Two Hour Session
  • $2399 The Atomic Package - Six Two Hour Private Lessons

Payment plans are available for each private coaching option. 

 "Shamelessly Sexy" 

 Half Day Group Masterclass Chicago, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body during sex with your partner?

Do you hesitate to take your love interest to the next level because you're self-conscious about how you look naked?  I created the Shamelessly Sexy Masterclass just for you.

Shamelessly Sexy is an intimate half-day masterclass experience designed to help you feel confident in the body you have right now through sensual dance choreography + sensual moving meditation. 

Check out the Masterclass details + register below. This experience will be offered in the following cities: 

  •  Chicago 10/8
  • New York 11/19
  • San Francisco 12/10
  • Atlanta 01/14 

More cities coming soon.

$199 + fees 

Registration closes October 5th 

"Reclaiming Your Sexy After Heartbreak" 

You cannot die after a breakup. Literally or figuratively. You have to take time to be gentle with yourself but you have to keep going. There were many points in my life when a relationship ended where I lost everything about myself just to cope with the pain. I finally got to the point where enough was enough. I was tired of giving my life over to other people when they walked out or when the situation changed. I made a promise to myself to keep me, to keep my power and to keep my joy no matter what happened in the days ahead. And you know what happened? I found myself genuinely more confident, less anxious about dating + relationships overall, more focused in my work and happier. Ultimately taking those small steps to reclaim my power after tremendous heartbreak led me into the relationship that I have today not only with my partner but with myself.  Doing that work to reclaim my power changed the way I approached love for good and I want to share those tools with you. Int his three day intensive workshop we're going to breakdown the key tools that you need to : 

  • Stop falling into the same relationship cycles  + patterns that leave you feeling exhausted
  • How to date with courage and not be afraid to ask for what it is that you really want without backing down 
  • Feel confident in your skin and let that energy ooze from every pore in your body 
  • Feel irresistible + vibrant on a daily basis 
  • Move through the pain of the relationship that ended without becoming bitter + full of rage 

Next Class: Summer 2017

More information coming soon. 

Join the program waitlist below to be notified when the next class opens.